Main Screen Site Guide
The screen below gives a quick explanation as to the features available from the main screen of Search4Bets. The site is split into 3 area's of functionality; 'The Odds' , 'Site Functionality and Features' and 'Odds Analysis and Additional Information'
The main features of the system are as follows:
1 The Odds - if you want to get straight to the odds simply click on the Sport, then select a country and final click on the competiton. A list of all the events for that
competition will appear in the main pane of the Browser. Then simply click the event description to see the odds.
2 Odds Analysis panel - the panel containsthe following sections:
Noticeboard - gives you a preview of the latest sporting odds and the stories behind them.
Now and Next - the events and (average odds) as they are coming up
TV Guide - which sports events are on the televsion.
BestBooks - displays the arbitrage or hedging opportunities (i.e. when you bet on all outcomes of an event).
Lowest Odds - looking for a sure thing. The shortest odds are listed here in descending order.
Top Differences - looking to see where there might be most potential market movement?
Biggest Movers - can you make a killing by spoting the direction that fast moving odds are going?
3 Site Statistics - this tells you what events, competitions and bookmakers other users are looking at.
4 Tool Bar - contains the following features:
Browser Test - if the site is not working properly or does not look right use this utility to check your settings.
Site Icons - a quick list explanation of all the icons used on this site.
Odds Viewed - a quick list of what you have been looking at
Bet List - add bets to this feature and work out the best odds and the returns from all the combination bet possibilities
Forum - a complete bulletin board on every possible relevant betting topic.
Contact Us - the easy way to send us an email.
Help - a word search to answer your FAQ and betting terminology questions
5 Welcome Panel - the information to help get you started and understand what Searh4Bets is about.
6 Bookmaker Promotions - a feature which lets you know about all the available promotions and all the different promotional types.
7 Betting Calculators - all the tools you need to help you work out the right bet
8 Bets Past and Present - have a look to see what some of the Search4Bets Users bet on (using the prototype 'BetUtilities tool')
9 Knowledge Korner - compare bookmakers rules, a bookmaker vital statistics or check the historic odds to see how the bookmakers have assessed your favourite team.