Search4Bets Freqently asked Questions (FAQs)
Below is a list of common asked questions relating to the Search4Bets site. If your question is not answered (and you cannot find the explanation anywhere on site) please feel free to contact us.
1 I don't understand what the purpose of the site is?
Its very simple. Before the advent of the internet someone wanting to place a bet could buy their favourite betting publication and (1) head off to the local bookmaker (2) ring in a bet. Finding the best price for the bet you wanted to place or having enough information to formulate a betting strategy (particularly bet arbitraging) were not really possible. Search4Bets is principally about collecting 'Odds' from bookmakers (and betting exchanges) and displaying them (in various formats) on the Search4Bets website. For those who are looking for sophisticated betting strategies there a number of tools and information sections to assist with your selections.
2 Can I place a bet from your site?
Not at present. But a soon as you find the odds that you want to place a bet on simply click on the bookmakers name or logo that will be close by on the screen. This will take you directly to the bookmakers website.
3 Why use Search4Bets when there are plenty of other sites with odds comparison
Most odds comparison services typically fall into one of the following categories (1) They are not free (2) They have too few bookmakers (3) They quote odds from any bookmaker. Search4Bets is free and provides odds from any bookmaker that passes the Search4Bets bookmaker criteria and wishes to provide information to the site (please see the Company Statement)
4 How do you suggest I start using the Search4Bets site
If you are new to gambling (or internet betting) become familiar with the way the site works and then do 'dry runs' with the site and your betting strategy. This could be as simple as finding the odds of your favourite team and loading up the bookmaker site to check out how to place a bet (most bookmakers have demo facilities or detailed instructions).
5 Can I get easily back to the start screen?
Yes - press the button on the top left of the screen
6 What other help is there on this site to explain the screens, tools, odds and strategies?
There are a number of things to help you understand and navigate your way around the site (1) Many screens have specific help or worked example. Click on to activate. (2) Click on 'Help' at the top of the screen (on the blue bar) and enter key words to find brief explanations (3) Select one of the other documents from the document list that you selected this FAQ document from (4) Use the 'Forum' to post questions or read other peoples posts (5) If there is an icon or graphic you do not understand then you look up the meaning by selecting the 'Site Icons' label at the top of the screen (6) Contact us - we are here to help.