Search4Bets Statement

Search4Bets is a company that collects odds information from bookmakers (and betting exchanges) from around the world. These odds are then analysised and published on the Search4Bets site in a variety of formats so that users (from novice to professional gamblers) can quickly identify the right bets at the best prices at the best bookmakers.

  • Search4Bets product uses its own in-house data collection system: we do not get our  odds from another system
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  • There are no delays (in order to promote pay services) in publishing the data

  • All services and facilities are free without any requirement to register.

  • The unique Betting tools and calculators that can only be found on the Search4Bets site.

  • Active selection process of bookmakers and exchanges that appear on the Search4Bets site.
  •   Companies are only displayed on this site where an account has been opened by a member of the Search4Bets team and:*

        1. Withdrawals have been successfully made without undue delay or unwarranted complexity in making that withdrawal.

        2. Bonuses (where applicable) have been received in accordance with sites rules and stipulations.

        3. Customer service has been used.

    Search4Bets can make no guarantees regarding the odds information or any other information on this site, Please read the disclaimer before acting upon any information presented on this site

    *The above is not intended to imply that the absence of a bookmaker, betting exchange or other odds trading organisation from the Search4Bets site indicates that the organisation has not met the aforementioned stipulations. There are many organisations currently not on the site which Search4Bets is in the process of evaluating or seeking to form a commercial relationship with.

    ***Search4Bets would like to apologise for the use of the the term 'soccer'. This is simply to save any confusion between American / Gridiron Football.