Bet List and Bet Wizard Screens
The BetList calculator contains the bets that have been selected in the event screen and allow the user to work out the cost and potential return for any of the available bets that would be available for combination of bets that have been selected.
The Bet Wizards either allow you to change the bookmaker for the selected bets or displays the returns for all the bookmakers who offer odds on all the the lines that have been selected.
1 BetTypes - these are the different sorts of bets available for lines entered in the 'BetList'. Select the appropriate bet by pressing the button.
2 Bet Lines - these are the lines that you select in the 'Event Screen' by pressing the buttons.
3 Bet Outcome - change the outcome to test out different return possibilities with 'X from Y' (permutation) bets.
4 Print Page - exactly that; prints the screen exactly as it is.
5 Remove Lines / Clear screen - remove individual bet lines or clear the whole lot and start again.
6 Stake Entry and Calculated figures - place the amount you wish to stake on each bet in the lilac 'Stake on each bet' entry box.
7 Hover Help - help information will appear here when the cursor moves over the BetList.
8 Calculate Button - click this when you have selected the Bet Type, and the amount you wish to stake. The calculator will then work out all the figures including the
number of bets need to be laid for the Bet Type selected.
9 Bet Wizard 1 - select the Bookmaker from the drop down list and click the button. The odds (where available) will be replaced by those of the selected bookmaker.
10 Bet Wizard 2 - click this Bet Wizard to display a list of Bookmakers who are offering all the Odds in the list. The list contains a value which is the cumulative figure
for all the odds offered; which indicates the bookmaker offering the best accumulator bet on the lines you have selected. You can opt to change or return to the 'BetList' without alteration.
11 Bet Description and bet advisory text - gives an explanation of the BetType selected and also advise why the BetTypes have been limited
(e.g. lines are from different bookmakers).