Beginners guide to Internet gambling
Below is a list points, considerations and tips for individuals who are new to Internet gambling. This is by no means a definitive list but it should at least help the novice to avoid the most obvious pitfalls, allowing him/her to place online bets with confidence thus benefiting from the choice, improved odds and opportunities that online gambling provides.
1 Recognisable names - maybe one of the more obvious remarks but when first betting online try out brand name bookmakers that are native to your country.
2 Currency - If you bet in foreign currencies, or use bookmakers who do not use the same currency as you, check site details etc to see if there are any charges.
3 Bookmaker Arbitration Services (e.g. IBAS) - although not a guarantee of getting the right response, bookmakers that are part of a recognised arbitration service
usually have an extra degree of credbility and offer you an extra avenue for airing any greviances you may have.
4 Credit Card Safety - gambling is no different in this respect to any other online activity. The onus is on the credit card agreement.
5 Placing Bets - it is imperative that you understand that once a bet has been placed on the internet it is irrevocable!
6 Different Betting Rules - If you decide to try your hand at placing CertainBets use the Rules Checker.
7 Ring Fenced Funds - Some bookmakers and betting exchanges now advertised that funds are 'Ring Fenced' (this means that funds to cover betting account liabilities
held by third parties). Hence if the company goes bust you should (in theory) be able to retrive monies owed to you.
8 Try for Free - some bookmakers allow you to try betting for free. this at least allows you the opportunity to famaliarise yourself with their system and site!
9 Bonuses - bookmaker introductory bonuses are great, but you don't usually get something for nothing. Most bookmakers require you to bet the monies several times
over or that monies are kept within the account for certain period of time.
10 Proof of ID - as Credit Card and other frauds are common place most bookers request that you send scanned information as proof of ID. Whilst it is recommended that
you are guarded about who you might send such information to this practise is now common place (and a legal requirement in some countries such as Australia).
11 The odds - always bear in mind that odds do not necessarily represent the probability of an outcome!