Option 1 - Main Page Banner Sponsorship


Placement of the sponsors banner (468x60 in size) at the top right of Main Page (prices for a 3 contiguous month period):

i) on rotation 1/12*: 60 euro

ii) on rotation 1/6*: 105 euro

iii)  on rotation 1/3*: 180 euro

* Please not that the rotation figures are based on initial load of the Search4Bets homepage. The banner may change as the users browses to a competition or event sponsored by a company which has purchased  Option 2 advertising (please see below).


 Option 2 - Sponsor a Competition (or all the Competitions for a particular country (by sport))

 Have your companies logo appear on every event and competition summary screen for a particular league/ competition / trophy (e.g. Italian Serie A). The image will be hyperlinked to your companies site. Alternatively sponsor all the competitions for a particular sport for a particular county (e.g. Have branding on all the Search4Bets 'Competition Summary' and 'Event' pages for all Italian Soccer events).

 1) Sponsored competition per annum / season - 87 euro
 2) All competitions for a particular country (per sport) per annum / season - 120 euro

'Event' Screen Example:

 Option 3 - Sponsor 5 Notice board Events

 Display your companies logo (and promotion) on the front page of the Search4Bets site by sponsoring a notice board event (either for a particular event or for an outright betting market). The odds contained in the Notice board articles are updated along with all the odds on the site and the graphic and main text commentary can be altered to suit the sponsor.

 1) 5 Noticeboard Items - 35 euro

'Notice board' Screen Example: